Marrow 2 , available for purchase: $500 canadian
available $500
Sculptural painting: Available $500
Yggdrazil the world tree of Norse mythology. 36 x 48 inches
acrylic on canvas. 2010
Available $1400
"molding the darkness"
 In private collection
Gut Shot 1*
Gut shot 2*
Gut shot 3*
Gut shot 4*
Gut Shot 5*
Gut Shot 6*
Gut Shot 7*
Gut Shot 8*

Gutshot series acrylic on canvas 2004 /2005 32" x 45" *available for sale - $1500

oldyoung.jpg Sense of touch
2004 Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24
Female resistance
2004 Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24
Available $200
2004 Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24
Available $200
Modern Primitive 2002
wasp nest, string, acrylic


 "Larva" 2003, ink and acrylic 
40" x 42"




St Andrews painting

"Enfolded" Acrylic and tissue, 2003 
24" x 40"

Larva acrylic on canvas 32 x 40
Available $1200

"Untitled" 2004, 
ink and acrylic 
18" x 60"

Valentine's Broken Wish


Goose, watercolour


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Anubus weathered canvas, 100 year old tablecloth fringe, birch bark, acrylic paint, 
8" x 32"

Avalable for sale.

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Joe Canadian
weathered canvas, acrylic paints, maple leaf from Ontario 8" x 32"

In private collection.



Death by Whiskey weathered canvas, red paper, liquor bag, car grommet, antiperspirant ball, whiskey bug. 
Cloudspike is an allegory for the Canadian railway, spikes are held in place by Chinese silk paper and ribbon of blue, the Chinese were the unsung heroes of the CPR.  

Spring Series 

spring12.jpg spring34.jpg spring56.jpg
in private collections. A series of assemblage work based on travels in California. 

Syrian Series

syrian1.jpg syrian3.jpg syrian5.jpg syrian2.jpg syrian4.jpg syrian6.jpg
In private collection.
Based on mercantile seals from ancient Syria seen and sketched at a show at the Alberta Provincial Museum. 


Canmore... the first of the series. Subtle changes of context from one layer to the next.  Driftwood, weathered canvas, 100 year old tablecloth, Acrylic paint.  48 x 32 


Tragic jogging Accident acrylic on 
canvas run over by monster truck, 2001