Reprap 3D Printing

3D printing


 In 2014 I got my first 3d printer kit.   It was a Prusa I3 from Printer Czar.

Since then the Reprap has become an essential tool in my creative process.

I have made a  camera enclosure for my Raspberry Pi and crowns fit for a king.

I have printed everything from Key fobs for my classroom to Nerf gun sights for my son.

I have used it to make brackets and struts, handles and decorations for innumerable projects.

Not to mention the dozens of car fixes and things like templates, signage and airbrush brackets I have made.

In February of 2016 I received and built a Rostock Max.

 This machine is set up at CMACollege downtown and is available for printing student and instructor objects.

I wanted a way to make props, reference models and parts for my students' work and so far its amazing what can be produced.   

We have scanned and printed a number of student faces. 


My Prusa I3 the horns are 3d printedFull scale facehugger from the movie aliens. $150.00Scanned and printed head
Full scale wearable predator mask.

Predator Mask

This mask is based on the Predator movies and is sized to fit over the predator prosthetic.

$125 painted  $80 plain
Full scale facehugger from the movie aliens. $150.00

Lifesize Alien Facehugger

Wire armature, hand painted and poseable.

Full scale skull. $50.00

Artist's Reference Skull

accurately printed in natural ABS
These terrific skulls with jawbone are ready for painting or whatever you have in mind

$50 plain
Full scale skull.
Fully printed raspberry pi camera enclosure

Old tyme camera
Raspberry Pi Enclosure

Terrific way to carry your raspi around with you and take steam punk pictures.



Celtic loveknot necklace.

Celtic Loveknot pendant

Great for ritual wear.  based on a mathematical solenoid, this loveknot is beautiful and mathematically pure too.


$25 plain, gold or silver

Modular celtic crown $100.00

Celtic styled Kings Crown

scalable to your head size. Flexible and durable.  

Painted gold


Life Sized human Heart and Brain printed on the Rostock Max and painted. heart-$100 brain-$150


Hand painted and silicone coated heart and brain.
heart- $100
brain- $150